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  • Tiny


    Tiny can't believe how big her family has become in just a few short months. Four brand new pups with her new husband? She's never been busier, but she's never been happier. When she's not running her “T” Network and Pup Star, Tiny is committed to making her pups first Christmas the best Christmas ever.

    Christmas Wish: The perfect first Christmas for her new pups.

  • Roland


    Former dog-catcher, turned nightclub MC, turned prison warden, turned garbageman, Roland is Bark's human stooge who can't seem to hold down a job. He makes a living doing Bark's dirty work. With a secret vendetta against Christmas, Roland is only too happy to take down the holiday season with the other baddies.

    Christmas Wish: An electric train set.

  • Rosie


    Outgoing, talented, and totally self-absorbed. Rosie knows she's going to be a big star someday, just like her parents. She just wants the day to be today. She loves her siblings dearly...as long as they aren't stealing her spotlight.

    Christmas Wish: A lead role in her very own feature film.

  • Kano


    The most fearsome canine bounty-hunter currently living, Kano will do any job for the right amount of money – even if that job is destroying Christmas.

    Christmas Wish: Money. Just money.

  • Cindy


    Kind, good-hearted, and patient, Cindy is pure down to her tiny little bite-sized hair-ties. The youngest of the four pups and the runt of the litter, Cindy is - funnily enough - the most mature, and takes after Tiny more than the other puppies. Her meek nature means that, much like Tiny, Cindy is often swept up in the crazy schemes of those around her – especially her brothers and sisters!

    Christmas Wish: Peace on earth, and goodwill to dogkind (and everyone else too!)

  • Julio


    Former star/diva of Mexican soap-operas, and so-called “hero to Mexico”, the charming Julio lost his job and his audience when he got involved with Bark. Now his raw talent and genius is going to waste! With nothing else going on, he winds up the latest member of the mean team...but this might just be the rock bottom he needs to turn his life around.

    Christmas Wish: A tropical vacation that lasts all winter.

  • Brody


    Brody's the wild card: a fun-loving rascal who knows you can't let things like responsibility, personal safety, or common sense get in the way of a good time. The only boy in the litter, Brody is quick with a joke and obsessed with finding new ways to go fast.

    Christmas Wish: A ride in Santa's sweet, sweet sleigh.

  • Scrappy


    Tiny's long-lost twin sister, Scrappy has gone from street-rapper to superstar since the two were reunited. Currently on tour in Japan, she still finds a little time to visit her beloved (though, she thinks, spoiled) nieces and nephews.

    Christmas Wish: A week off tour to spend with her family...and a nap.

  • Bark


    Tiny's nemesis, this disgraced Pup Star champion is now working on Mexico's day-time telenovelas. Desperate to regain his wealth and status, Bark is willing to ruin Christmas just to make a quick buck.

    Christmas wish: His own reality show, a recording contract, a swimming pool filled with dog bones, Tiny's return to obscurity, gold-framed velvet self-portrait... the list goes on.

  • Charlie


    Brilliant, cunning, and opportunistic, Charlie is a dog that isn't afraid to go for what she wants, and knows how to get it. The only problem is, Charlie wants everything. Charlie needs to learn the holiday is about giving as much as receiving.

    Christmas Wish: Everything.

  • P.U.P.


    Married to the dog of his dreams, with four beautiful new puppies, P.U.P. has come a long way. From crashing open-mic nights to running his own hip-hop empire, this big-hearted rapper's favourite artistic endeavour to date...is his family.

    Christmas Wish: One day where his crazy pups aren't getting into trouble.

  • Eddie the Elf Dog

    Eddie the Elf Dog

    A chipper little Corgi that helps the elves at Santa's workshop. Responsibilities include taking naps, stress-testing plush toys, and disposing of leftover snacks.

    Christmas Wish: Biscuits.

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