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  • Meet The Pups

    Simon Growl

    This British Bulldog is the most brutal and unflinching of the judges, always quick with a witty put-down, and always slow to enjoy anything or anyone.

  • Meet The Pups


    A scraggly mutt who leads the Dawg Pound Crew, Scrappy's old gang of streetwise rap dogs. Now he owns Dawg Pound Records, Brooklyn's hottest recording studio, and is Tiny's special friend.

  • Meet The Pups


    A sweet-natured Yorkie with a powerhouse voice, Tiny is the former champion of Pup Star, the newest Pup Star judge, and fiercely devoted to her family and friends.

  • Meet The Pups


    Julio – the “hero to Mexico” - is a handsome, sophisticated, and charming Chihuahua actor known for his award-winning telenovela, “Perros de Nuestras Vidas.” His vanity and hunger for fame is second only to Bark, who uses Julio as a catspaw to win Pup Star. He's selected as the Pup Star champion from Mexico, but it's all a lie: he's an atrocious singer. Will he fool Tiny as he's fooled his fans, and help Bark destroy Pup Star?

  • Meet The Pups


    A Rhodesian Ridgeback from Nigeria, Mobo is a park ranger and animal lover who incorporates all the sounds of nature into his songs.

  • Meet The Pups

    Lady Paw Paw

    An upbeat and fashionable French Poodle, Lady Paw Paw is a diva with an eye-catching sense of style and a bottomless well of positivity.

  • Meet The Pups

    Dog Gnarly

    The Rhasta komondor, Dog Gnarly is the most mellow and spiritual Pup Star judge. A supportive but honest judge who always gets to the heart of the music.

  • Meet The Pups


    The former Pup Star champion, now incarcerated two-time dognapper, Bark is a vain and manipulative egomaniac who will stop at nothing to put himself on top.

  • Meet The Pups


    A Pekingese (or pug) who earned a scholarship to the Peking Opera School, Ming is a hard-working pop star who worked her way off the family duck farm and into super-stardom.

  • Meet The Pups


    A skinny greyhound from India, Raji is obsessed with Elvis, and sees Pup Star as his chance to bring back the legend of the King.

  • Meet The Pups


    A hard-nosed bounty hunter, KANO is Bark's hired muscle and not a dog to be trifled with. Whenever Bark has dirty work that needs doing, Kano is there. When he's not hunting down singing Yorkies, Kano can be found working security at the Bark Easy.

Welcome to a world where dogs can not only talk – they can SING! Filled with songs and the biggest cast of talking and singing canines ever assembled, Pup Star and Pup Star : Bette2Gether are incredible family films filled with fun, music and heart.

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