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    Spark is courageous. This strong on the surface and sweet on the inside pup is a stray. She lost her dog family to the Department of Animal Control and has been living on the street ever since. She is quite convinced she never wants a human again. She is a solo act who wants to keep it that way, but decides to give Pup Academy a shot because of the free lunch and pretends to have a family to fit in.

    Spark needs to learn the power of Friendship.



    Corazon is a fun-loving, energetic, off-the-wall puppy. He is the loving pup that everyone wants at the party. The problem is that, in his mind, Corazon is always at a party! Whether he’s in class, or at the park, he can’t stop having fun and focus.

    Corazon needs to learn to be empathetic and generous, and that there’s a time to be serious and a time to have fun..

  • WHIZ


    Whiz is as clever as clever gets. When other dogs use the doggie door, he rings the doorbell. But he is also afraid of everything which is challenging for a pup who was brought into his family to herd sheep (which he is really, really afraid of).

    Whiz needs to learn to find his bark first, then his courage.



    Morgan Edwards (Christian Convery) is a fun kid, and Caretaker Charlie’s grandson. His father passed away a year ago, he had to move back to Wolfehead with his Mom, and he’s still adapting to his strange new life. Morgan is next in line to be H.O.C. at Pup Academy, something he is not yet aware of. He doesn’t even have a dog— nor is he looking for one. He just wants his life to be stable again. Much like Spark, he has no idea how much his life is about to change.



    Charlie Edwards (Don Lake) AKA ‘Caretaker Charlie’, is the only H.O.C.- ‘Human on Campus’. He is the resident handy-man of the school, and a whole lot more. His job is one that has been passed down through generations and is the family secret. He is the only human on earth who can understand the barks of dogs.

  • IZZY


    Izzy (Aria Birch) is a quirky and industrious girl whose style and talent would naturally drive her to be anything she wanted, if only she could get out of her own shy way.

  • D.O.G.


    D.O.G. is the Dean of Graduates. He is a regal husky, who leads the school with wisdom, grace, and a whole bunch of humor. He is a descendant of the first-ever dog and this school is his everything. There is nothing he won’t do to save the constellation and keep Pup Academy and the friendship between dogs and humans strong.



    Headmistress Gruff is a caring but by-the-books administrator who runs a tight ship, but beneath her strict growl is a dog who cares more than anything for her puppy students.



    Professor Fitz is a measly, two-faced mutt who is against the pups from day one. Why? Because these new pups saving the constellation and the school means Fitz’s master plan to take over the school and teach pups HIS ways will never come to pass!

  • COACH K9

    COACH K9

    COACH K9 is Pup Academy’s strict but loveable Fetchball coach and P.E. teacher. A Fetchball fanatic who lives for the thrill of the game Coach K9 loves to teach pups how to stay active, and how to keep their humans active too!

  • KING


    KING is the leader of the Lost Dogs, the gang of wild strays that live at the Wolfehead Junkyard. Tough, resourceful, and completely uninterested in humans, King is his own dog. He believes that dogs are wasted as pets and should be in charge of their own destinies, separate from human beings.He has a secret history with D.O.G, and neither seem to like each other… especially since King now wants nothing more than to bring Spark into his pack.



    The endlessly upbeat leader (and only member) of Pup Academy’s cheer squad, POM-POM is always there to support her fellow pups in anything they do! Positive, confident, and assertive, Pom-Pom can raise anyone’s spirits, no matter the situation! Just don’t mess with her cheers - that’s her thing.

  • BITE


    Every school has a bully, and Pup Academy has BITE: a tough talking Chihuahua that thinks he’s the biggest, baddest dog in school. Bite’s had a grudge against Spark and the amigos since day one, and he isn’t afraid to lie, cheat, or fight dirty.


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